In Play Master

Imagine, you just have to set up the rules, click start and walk away. InPlayMaster does the rest of the work for you.

Now with under £2 betting!!!

An exciting totally automatic betting bot that bets on the Horse Racing "In Running Market" at .

A Pure in running scalping bot that can give you fantastic results if you bet "In Running" on horse racing.

Inplaymaster gives you the chance to bet on the final furlongs of any race, which is where you want to be because no other place in a horse race gives you greater clarity as to who is winning or losing.

Hi Nick here:

I hope you have a couple of spare minutes because if you are serious about making money on then you will want to give me the chance to tell you a bit more about InPlayMaster.

InPlayMaster is an automated betting bot that I have had built especially for me and in a moment, I will show you how you can be one of the few people, who are going to be given the chance to use it to!

No other bot on the market does what InPlayMaster can do.

InPlayMaster It is specifically designed to scalp the market, by that I mean, to place a bet in the market when the results and more importantly the timing, is in your favour.

I had become increasingly frustrated with other bots, which had been designed by people who knew about horseracing, but little or nothing about the website and the advantages that you can gain from inplay betting.

A race within does have certain subtleties, that were just not being taken into account and as a result the bots I bought would fire too early or just too wildly, most were a huge disappointment.

So then I thought about the kind of bot I wanted and that I could REALLY make money with.

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Trading didn't appeal, its all well and good trading money from one horse against another, "IF" the odds went your way and even then it was "IF" it could be matched for you to profit.

IF you didn't get matched you would be gambling wild like all the other punters !!!!

Other bots I used were so complicated with so many buttons and sliding bars, I didn't know what EXACTLY they were doing? And still have no idea!!!

Others were just a complete waste of time and really couldn't do what they were designed for.

So I decided the only way to get what I wanted was to get someone to specifically build the bot to my specifications so that's what was done and the result is InPlayMaster.

Let me explain what InPlayMaster is all about.

Well as you may or may not know has completely opened up the betting market on horseracing.

In running (when the race is actually being ran) is the new thing, and of course that's the place to be because you have a good idea what the field is doing by that time especially when we get to the final furlongs, wouldn't agree?

Now this is where a InPlayMaster comes into its own.

You see I found I could take snapshots of my computer screen using the refreshed windows, while in-running, and realised that the prices on give me a complete clear picture of where a horse is in the race.

Is it winning? Is it losing? The whole thing is laid out in front of you just by studying the process.

However, if you want to do this manually you have to sit right in front of the screen, with reflexes of a cat to place a bet, as it all happens so fast.

And even then doubt can creep in and before you know it the race is over, and your bet isn't matched. Too stressful, too chancy.

So I needed a bot like InPlayMaster to do it automatically, but I wanted even more.

A bot that takes you into the final furlongs, the closing stages of EVERY UK horse race.

A bot that when it's scanned one race it will jump onto the next without any interference from me, so if I wanted I could chose to run one race or a whole afternoon of 20-30 races if I wish.

A bot that that will allow you to paper trade for as long as you like so you can test ideas to see if they really work.

A bot that kept a record of your daily profit (or loss) so you could see how it was doing at a glance.

A bot that would take a snapshot of the race - yes that's right so you can see where the other horses are so you can adjust your ideas. Other bots have you working blind, so you'll never know how close you are, or indeed how far away you are.

A bot that is fast, After all this is the final furlongs and things can get fairly rapid.

A bot that can back or lay , much easier, when you know what is coming into win, and what's lagging behind.

A bot that allowed you to safety triggers so it won't just bet on one price alone

All critical points I think you'll agree…………….. and this is exactly why InPlayMaster is so successful. It uses common sense and logic.

The final stages of a race are what you want - nothing else matters.

No tipsters, no market noise or hearsay or opinion, this WILL show you the winners or losers simply from the window.

You don't need to know a lot about digital odds either if you know a low number from high one and I'll show you what they mean, it will become clear how transparent the races are.

Forget tipping or trading, if you have a picture clearly laid out in front of you and enough tools and a robust system, making money from isn't such an uphill battle.

Quite the reverse in fact.

Some of Inplaymaster great features:
Automated Inplaymaster can be left to get on with it's job. It has been totally live tested by me and the Sporting Bots limited testing team and works fully with API.
Paper Trade Inplaymaster master allows you to paper test scenario's before going live.
Back or Lay Inplaymaster can either back or lay giving you even greater scope for success and greater flexibility.
Price Range Inplaymaster allows you to set the odds you are prepared to accept from a min to max.
Multiple Option Inplaymaster gives you plenty of option to help improve your success rate including:
  • Betting depending on the prices of other runners, up to 5 on the lay side and even more on the back.
  • Inplay refresh
  • Lay the best or worst priced runner (within price range)
  • Leave a bet in market X seconds (back only)
  • Maximum Lay Liability

    These are just some of the features of Inplaymaster

Here are some commonly asked questions.

"Why would we sell such a huge secret?"

The bot is great for myself. Because has such a massive market I believe its 500k roughly bet on each UK horse race so there is plenty of room for me and my subscribers.

InPlayMaster however will only be available to a limited number of subscribers, if your reading this then there is still time for you to get your hands on a copy.

"Will this work if I'm from the Europe, Canada or Australia*"

Yes as long as you're on a broadband connection and have a good computer you shouldn't have a problem the bot is fully automated, so you can set it and forget it. Then check your results at your leisure.

"I have spent lots of cash on software and they never work, why will yours?"

I agree there is a lot of trash out there. I have possibly used all the systems you have, that's why I have built this bot. I think many private users have commissioned bot's similar to mine and make real money from them, but they pay a fortune. But I know nothing quite like this has been released before, and as you can see the results speak for themselves. Its common sense and logic combined with critically important timing to fire, now you can only have a winning combination.

"Can I Lose Money"

No software no matter how clever can guarantee winning money on every single bet.

However think about this for a second, you are only betting in the final furlongs, most of the race has been run and so laid out in front of you are winners and losers, and if it's a close race, we don't bet simple as that.

"Can I use it for other markets"

At present no, it's only for UK horse racing. However as time goes on, we may expand the markets for greyhound racing, soccer, etc. etc. as the rules are all similar.

"Is it easy use this system!?"

yes I have built a manual, which is yours to view at your leisure, and included is some handy hints and tips. Also I don't waffle to pad the manual out, you'll get to know what you need to know and start paper trading and then quickly have your own ideas on winning easy money. You will see why this method is so good at picking winners and laying losers.

Why don't you do a free trial?

To be frank with you, why should I?

The bot had to be tested and paid for by me and if you want some of the action then it's available for you to try. I am not going to charge you £100's to use it, just a monthly fee, which I think is very fair. I have to pay £200 a month just so the bot can connect to their site.

So come on Nick how much is Inplaymaster going to cost?

Well before I tell you that let me just give you the icing on the cake...

Inplaymaster is a great bot and it does exactly what it was designed to do but if you don't know the best settings then it will take you a while to test and get the best from it.

But you won't have to because I have already done most of the hard work for you and a bonus I am giving you the exact methods I use to get the most from the bot.

Inplaymaster Scenario and user guide.

The Inplaymaster scenario and user guide shows you what this bot is capable of and what setting you need to use to get the bot making you money. More importantly using graphics I show you why you should use these settings.

So you not only get an amazing piece of software but also my very own strategies to use with Inplaymaster.

The price.

Your first months subscription to Inplaymaster is just £14.99**

Sorry we are now full no more memberships available.

Have a look at Grey Horse Bot instead.

I think this is amazing value for what you are getting but remember this offer is not likely to be available for long.

Click here now to start your subscription.

All the best
Nick Owen.

P.S Please don't miss this one time opportunity to finally make some money from horse racing on betfair.

P.P.S I really am going to restrict subscription or at the very least put the price up very soon.

* Only UK races and IRE have in running most other races close at the off.
** First months subscription £14.99, second months £19.99 and 3rd month and after just £24.99

"In Running" - This is the term to describe the market after the "off" or after the horses leave the gate. gives you the chance to continue betting right up to the first runner crossing the line. "In running" is normally only available on UK "first past the post races".

PC running XP, Win2000, Broadband connection. The software needs to be running and connected to the internet while monitoring races.

Gambling is risky, do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose and be sure you understand what you will need to spend in order to get the returns indicated. This site Nick Owen or Sporting Bots limited or it's associates give no guarantees of earnings.

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